Playing a video

To play a video:

1. Go to the Gallery.

To access the Gallery, click WebCam tile gallery sml Playing a video at the Logitech Webcam Software home page. (The Gallery is also available at the bottom of the screen when using Quick Capture or Motion Detection.)

2. Select either:
· the Videos tab to play a video captured using Quick Capture


· the Motion Videos tab to play a video triggered by motion detection.

Thumbnails of the first frame of your videos are displayed in the order they were recorded — oldest to the right and newest to the left.

3. Click the video you want to play.
4. Click WebCam btn play Playing a video to play the video.

While the video is playing, the following buttons are available:

WebCam btn pause Playing a video        Pauses the video.

WebCam btn gallerymute Playing a video        Mutes the video sound.

You can jump forwards to a particular part of the video, or move backwards. To do this, simply click on the video timeline at the position you want to jump to.

If the video timeline or the play controls are not shown, move your mouse over the main window to redisplay them.

Playing a video