Help center overview

This help center provides a Navigation pane, which includes an integrated table of contents, index and word search features so you can find the information you require quickly and easily. It also allows you to bookmark topics that you may want to go back to.

There are four tabs in the Navigation pane:

· Contents

Book icons open when you click them to reveal topic entries and sub-books. As you move through the help, the contents tab enables you to see where you are within the help system and other applicable help topics at a glance.

· Index

Displays an alphabetical list of index entries. To search the index, either enter a word or scroll through the list of entries. As you begin entering a word, you are taken to the appropriate part of the index automatically. Double-click an entry to display relevant help topics.

· Search

Lets you search for every occurrence of a word or phrase in the help center.

· Favorites

Lets you bookmark a topic, so that you can get to it quickly and easily in the future.

Help center overview