Webcam selection

If you have several Logitech webcams connected to your computer, you need to select the one you want to use to take photos and record videos, or record video triggered by motion detection.

When using the Logitech Webcam Software, the easiest way to select your default webcam is to make a selection at the home page. When you first go to the home page, the webcam currently selected is displayed. To select a different webcam, simply click Change webcam and choose the one you require from the list available.

If you are using an application or service, such as a video calling client, you can usually select a different webcam within that application.

WebCam note Webcam selectionNotes

· Different webcams have different supported features, so the available applications may vary depending on your selection.
· You can also select the webcam you want to use with the Logitech Webcam Software in the Controls panel within Quick Capture. See Setting webcam controls for details.
· Your webcam can only perform one function at a time. If you activate motion detection to trigger video recording (see Motion detection for details), you can’t then use the same webcam to make video calls, take photos and record videos. You can, however, still carry out these tasks using a different webcam. For this reason, the webcam that is used to record video triggered by motion detection is set independently in the motion detection controls; see Motion detection controls.

Webcam selection