Motion detection controls

You can set a range of controls for your webcam, so that it works exactly how you want it to and you achieve the best video quality possible in the environment to be monitored by motion detection. This is done using a similar control panel to that used in Quick Capture to specify settings for recording videos and taking photos.

WebCam note Motion detection controlsNote

· While the webcam control panel that you use is the same as that used in Quick Capture, the control settings for motion control and Quick Capture are set independently. Changing the control settings for one has no impact on the other.

To set motion detection controls:

1. On the Logitech Webcam Software home page, click WebCam tile motiondetection.zoom35 Motion detection controls. The Motion Detection pane is displayed, showing the image currently being received by your webcam.
2. Click Controls. The webcam control panel is displayed.
3. Change the controls settings as you want, using the following table as a guide.




If you have several Logitech webcams connected to your computer, select the one you want to use for motion detection.

WebCam note Motion detection controls Note

· Your webcam can only perform one function at a time. While motion detection is activated, you can’t use the webcam selected here to make video calls, take photos and record videos. To avoid this, choose one webcam here for motion detection, and a different webcam for all other tasks.

If you have just one webcam connected, its name is displayed.


Most webcams have built-in microphones. If your computer also has a built-in microphone, or if you have another microphone plugged into your computer, use this field to choose which microphone you want to use when recording video triggered by motion detection.

WebCam note Motion detection controls Notes

· If you have just one microphone available, its name is displayed and you can’t change this selection.
· If you select a Webcam with a built-in microphone, this microphone is selected automatically (unless you are using a headset, in which case your headset remains selected). You can override this automatic selection by choosing a different microphone from the list available.
· The selection you make here does not change the default microphone used with other applications; this is determined by selecting Sounds and audio devices from the Windows Control Panel.

WebCam btn mute Motion detection controls

Click to mute your microphone. Do this to record video triggered by motion without audio. See also the note at the bottom of this topic.

WebCam pantilt md Motion detection controls

Use the WebCam btn arrowleft active md Motion detection controls and WebCam btn arrowright active md Motion detection controls buttons to pan the controls (to adjust the focus area of your webcam to the left or right).

Use the WebCam btn arrowup active md Motion detection controls and WebCam btn arrowdown active md Motion detection controls buttons to tilt the controls (to adjust the focus area of your webcam up or down).

Use the WebCam button home md Motion detection controls (Home) button to center the focus area.

WebCam note Motion detection controls Notes

· For pan and tilt to work, you must zoom in on your subject first (see below).
· For more controlled manual panning and tilting, do not repeatedly click the pan or tilt buttons in quick succession. Each time you choose to move your webcam, wait for it to move before trying to move it again.
· These buttons only work on Logitech webcams that have the capability to pan and tilt.

WebCam btn zoomin md Motion detection controls, WebCam btn zoomout md Motion detection controls

Zoom in on your subject and zoom back out.

WebCam note Motion detection controls Note

· These buttons only work on Logitech webcams that have the capability to zoom.

After zooming in or out, you can revert back to default zoom by clicking Reset Zoom.

Standard / widescreen

Choose the aspect ratio for your motion detection video recordings.


Change the size of your videos triggered by motion.

Higher resolutions result in better quality images. However, the files created are much larger, taking up substantially more disk space. This is something to consider if setting up motion detection often or for prolonged periods.

WebCam note Motion detection controls Note

· The resolutions available to select depend on the capabilities of your webcam and whether you chose standard or widescreen aspect ratio.

Follow my face

Check this box if you want your webcam to automatically track faces when recording video triggered by motion detection. Your webcam then pans and tilts automatically as heads move, keeping faces in the center of the video frame.


Logitech’s RightSound technology suppresses unwanted background noise. Check this box for clearer audio, allowing sound recorded during motion detection to be heard loud and clear.


RightLight automatically adjusts your webcam’s image settings to provide the best image quality in all lighting environments. It does this by adjusting the frame rate and exposure if required, to compensate for poor light.

We recommend checking this box to enable RightLight, because it will only adjust the frame rate and exposure if poor light makes this necessary. If it isn’t needed, no frame rate or exposure adjustments are made.

WebCam note Motion detection controls Tip

· If you enable RightLight box in a low-light environment, the reduced frame rate may result in choppy video. If this happens, we recommend leaving the RightLight box checked and increasing the light available from the back and side. RightLight will then automatically increase the frame rate, improving the fluidity and quality of your video.

If it is not possible to increase the light available, try unchecking this box to disable RightLight and see if that resolves the issue.


Check Auto-focus to automatically focus on objects in the foreground, resulting in sharp motion detection recordings, especially in close-ups.

Alternatively, uncheck Auto-focus to set the focus manually using the slider.

Slide toward the WebCam icon focusmacro Motion detection controls to focus on small objects near the webcam, or toward the WebCam icon focusinfinite Motion detection controls to focus on the bigger picture.

WebCam note Motion detection controls Notes

· We recommend the use of Auto-focus for sharper images, no matter how far away the object is.
· When specifying a manual focus setting, an extreme setting (slider all the way to the left or right) can result in blurry images.
· Not all Logitech webcams support auto-focus.

Advanced Settings >

Displays further advanced settings specific to your webcam that you can adjust for motion detection recordings. See Advanced settings for details.

In addition to the above settings, you can also specify whether you want to record audio in video recordings triggered by motion detection. This setting is specified in the Quick Capture tab within the Logitech Webcam Software settings. See Settings for further details. You can also press the mute button in the motion detection application to mute audio while recording video triggered by motion.


Motion detection controls