Motion detection options

You can set a range of options relating to motion detection, such as the level of movement that is required to trigger automatic recording. To set motion detection options:

1. On the Logitech Webcam Software home page, click WebCam tile motiondetection.zoom35 Motion detection options. The Motion Detection pane is displayed showing the image currently being received by your webcam.
2. Click Motion options. The options panel is displayed.
3. Change the options as you want, using the following table as a guide:



Motion Sensitivity

Determines the amount of motion that triggers recording. Drag the slider to the left if a low level of motion is to trigger recording, or to the right if greater movement is required to trigger recording.

Time stamp videos

Check this box to add a timestamp to the video recording showing the date and time the video was recorded. For example:
WebCam timestamp photo Motion detection options

Recording light indicator

Check this box if you want the LED on your webcam to illuminate when recording triggered by motion detection is taking place. Uncheck if you do not want the LED to illuminate during recording.

Max duration

Recording triggered by motion detection automatically stops when the movements end. If the motion continues for a long time, this may result in a lengthy video that takes up a lot of hard disk space on your computer. To prevent this, you can set the maximum duration that a recording is to last. Various settings are available between 10 seconds and 15 minutes.

Record with audio

Check this box if you want video recordings triggered by motion detection to record sound; leave unchecked for silent recording.

Beneath these settings are the controls you can use to specify a schedule of times and days during which motion detection is automatically triggered. See Scheduling motion detection for details.


Motion detection options