Scheduling motion detection

You can specify a schedule of times and days during which motion detection is automatically triggered. You may want to do this — for example — if you use your webcam for security purposes to automatically start detecting motion at the times of the day when you’re not usually at home.

To set a motion detection schedule:

1. On the Logitech Webcam Software home page, click WebCam tile motiondetection.zoom35 Scheduling motion detection. The Motion Detection pane is displayed, showing the image currently being received by your webcam.
2. Click Motion Options. The Motion Options control panel is displayed.
3. Click Edit Schedule.
4. Specify the Start time that you want motion detection to begin and the Stop time that you want it to end.
5. Check the boxes for the Days that motion detection is required.
6. Click Save. You return to the Motion Options dialog box.
7. Check the Enabled box if you want motion detection to be activated automatically on the schedule specified. Leave this box unchecked if you just want to set up this schedule without enabling it yet.

WebCam note Scheduling motion detectionNote

· Remember that you can’t use your webcam in more than one place at a time. If you want to make a video call, take a photo or record a video, you must disable motion detection first.

Scheduling motion detection