Gallery settings

The Gallery lets you view and work with photos and videos you have captured. For further details, see Gallery.

You can adjust various settings so that the Gallery works exactly as you want it to. To do this, click Preferences at the top of the Logitech Webcam Software window and go to the Gallery tab.



Videos folder,
Photos folder,
Motion Detection folder

When you take photos or record videos, or when video recording is triggered by motion detection, the files created are stored in the following folders:

· PicturesLWS (or My DocumentsMy PicturesLWS).
· VideosLWS (or My DocumentsMy VideosLWS).
· VideosLWSMotion (or My DocumentsMy VideosLWSMotion).

Use these fields to change the folders in which your video and photo files are stored.

E-mail application

Choose the e-mail application you want to use to e-mail photos or videos when you click E-mail in the Gallery.

If you can’t e-mail photos or videos because you haven’t got a supported e-mail application installed, or if you don’t want to e-mail photos or videos, you can uncheck Show E-mail button to remove the E-Mail button from the Gallery.

Photo editing application,
Video editing application

Choose the applications you want to use to edit your photos and videos when you click Edit photo and Edit video in the Gallery.

WebCam note Gallery settings Note

· If the application you want to use isn’t available in the list, select Choose another and browse for the application on your hard disk.


The Logitech Webcam Software can retain details of your YouTube and Facebook accounts so you can share photos and videos from the Gallery without having to enter these details each time.

Use the check boxes to select the sites to which you want to be able to upload photos and videos.

Click the Reset account button next to a site to delete the account details held in the Logitech Webcam Software for that site. You will be prompted to enter the account details you want to use the next time you upload to this site.

For further details about uploading photos and videos to Facebook, see Facebook help. For further details about uploading videos to YouTube, see YouTube help.

When the Gallery settings are as you want them to be, click Save to apply them and close the window.

You can click Restore to Defaults at any time to cancel any changes you have made to your Logitech Webcam Software settings, restoring them to their original state as they were when you first started using your webcam.

Further settings can be specified in the following tabs:

Gallery settings