Quick Capture settings

Quick Capture makes it easy for you to take photos and record videos. For further details, see Quick Capture.

You can adjust various settings to improve the quality of audio that is recorded in your videos. To do this, click Preferences at the top of the Logitech Webcam Software window and go to the Quick Capture tab.



Microphone input level

Set the volume level of your voice in videos you record and video calls you make. If the sound in your videos is too low, or if people find it difficult to hear you in video calls, drag the slider right to increase your recording volume. If your sound level is too high, drag the slider left to decrease your recording volume.

The meter shows your recording volume as you speak. Use this to determine your correct recording volume. As a guide, the meter should peak when you speak at the loudest volume you would in normal conversation.

Audio Recording Quality

Choose the quality of the sound in videos you record. Remember that higher quality sound takes up more hard disk space.

Video Recording Quality

Choose the quality (compression level) of the videos you record.  Remember that as you increase the video quality, the file size will also increase, taking up more hard disk space.  A larger file size can take longer for your computer to process, and longer to upload or share.  Remember that some sharing sites have file size limitations like YouTube, so we recommend the “High Quality” setting for most uses.

Capture countdown timer

Check this box if you want a three second countdown to be displayed prior to photos being taken and video recordings commencing.

When the Gallery settings are as you want them to be, click Save to apply them and close the window.

You can click Restore to Defaults at any time to cancel any changes you have made to your Logitech Webcam Software settings, restoring them to their original state as they were when you first started using your webcam.

Further settings can be specified in the following tabs:

Quick Capture settings