Webcam controller

The webcam controller provides:

· Controls, to pan, tilt and zoom, adjust your RightSound and RightLight settings, and make other changes to achieve the best results possible in your environment. See Controls.


Depending on your settings, the webcam controller may start automatically when you start using your webcam, or you may need to launch it. For details about changing this setting, see General settings.

To launch the webcam controller:

· Click WebCam icon camhelper over sml Webcam controller on the Logitech Webcam Software home page.


· Right-click the system tray icon,WebCam icon camera helper Webcam controller , and select Logitech webcam controller.

If your webcam has a snapshot button, clicking it also launches the webcam controller.

WebCam note Webcam controllerNote

· You can set the webcam controller to stay on top of other applications so that it is visible at all times. See General settings for details.


Webcam controller