The webcam controller provides the following controls:



WebCam pantilt md Controls

Use the WebCam btn arrowleft active md Controls and WebCam btn arrowright active md Controls buttons to pan the controls (to adjust the focus area of your webcam to the left or right).

Use the WebCam btn arrowup active md Controls and WebCam btn arrowdown active md Controls buttons to tilt the controls (to adjust the focus area of your webcam up or down).

Use the WebCam button home md Controls (Home) button to center the focus area.

WebCam note Controls Notes

· For pan and tilt to work, you must zoom in on your subject first (see below).
· For more controlled manual panning and tilting, do not repeatedly click the pan or tilt buttons in quick succession. Each time you choose to move your webcam, wait for it to move before trying to move it again.
· These buttons only work on Logitech webcams that have the capability to pan and tilt.

WebCam btn zoomin md Controls, WebCam btn zoomout md Controls

Zoom in on your subject and zoom back out.

WebCam note Controls Note

· These buttons only work on Logitech webcams that have the capability to zoom.

Click > Webcam options to display the following additional controls:



Follow my face

Check this box if you want your webcam to automatically track your face when making a video call. Your webcam then pans and tilts automatically as you move your head, keeping your face in the center of the video frame so you can move about freely without having to manually pan or tilt.

If the Logitech Webcam Software detects multiple faces, it tracks all of them.


RightLight automatically adjusts your webcam’s image settings to provide the best image quality in all lighting environments. It does this by adjusting the frame rate and exposure if required, to compensate for poor light.

We recommend checking this box to enable RightLight, because it will only adjust the frame rate and exposure if poor light makes this necessary. If it isn’t needed, no frame rate or exposure adjustments are made.

WebCam note Controls Tip

· If you enable RightLight box in a low-light environment, the reduced frame rate may result in choppy video. If this happens, we recommend leaving the RightLight box checked and increasing the light available from the back and side. RightLight will then automatically increase the frame rate, improving the fluidity and quality of your video.

If it is not possible to increase the light available, try unchecking this box to disable RightLight and see if that resolves the issue.

Auto-focus, WebCam icon focusmacro Controls, WebCam icon focusinfinite Controls

Check Auto-focus to automatically focus on objects in the foreground, resulting in sharp images, especially in close-ups.

Alternatively, uncheck Auto-focus to set the focus manually using the slider.

Slide toward the WebCam icon focusmacro Controls to focus on small objects near the webcam, or toward the WebCam icon focusinfinite Controls to focus on the bigger picture.

WebCam note Controls Notes

· We recommend the use of Auto-focus for sharper images, no matter how far away the object is.
· When specifying a manual focus setting, an extreme setting (slider all the way to the left or right) can result in blurry images.
· Not all Logitech webcams support auto-focus.

Advanced Settings >

Displays further advanced settings specific to your webcam that you can adjust. See Advanced settings for details.

In addition to these webcam controls, you can specify a range of settings for the Logitech Webcam Software. See Settings for details.